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Coming in different sizes, each of the platters will handle serving a whole turkey, beef, lamb, chicken, whatever your main course may happen to be.  These can also be used to serve your charcuterie  with space between the items.  The service plate will complement your table or counter with your carefully prepared fare

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Food Safe

As with all functional ware at Crescent Moon Pottery, this piece is made from clay and glazes formulated by Wes Galusha to be free from ANY toxic chemicals. No ingredients are in either the clay or glaze without the knowledge that people will use this in their lives.

Dishwasher Safe

All functional ware created at Crescent Moon Pottery is designed to be used. Once it is, there is no better way to clean it than in the dishwasher, on any cycle, at any temperature.

Microwave Safe

All functional ware made at Crescent Moon Pottery can be used in the microwave. There are no metallic elements that interfere with the functionality of the microwave.


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