Large Planter: Vitreous Handmade Stoneware Pottery


The large planters are made to be used either inside or outside.  On the shelf planters do not have a weep hole, and if you would like a drain hole, these can be special ordered at no additional cost.  The planters will enrich the entrance to your home, deck, or the interior, wherever you place it.  If you would like, another planter may be place inside which can be removed from an outdoor planter and taken inside during inclement weather (like snow, brrrr). If you keep the planter outside in a cold climate, turn it upside down to keep the snow from melting and freezing as this potentially may break the piece.  Otherwise, rain, wind and heat will have no effect on the durability and each planter will last you for years to come.  Enrich your home and yourself by getting a piece of art to show off your plants, not another plastic planter or mass produced piece everyone else has.

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