All ware is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.  To purchase, contact  We accept credit card, check or cash.   Click onto the picture for enlarged image and specific description. These are only examples and may not be available for purchase.  The categories below are broad generalizations and the ware actually have multiple uses.  You can choose from what is available, or special orders are accepted.  Special orders are made and shipped in approximately 6 weeks.  Contact me directly if you would like to consider a dinnerware set for options and pricing.  Shipping is i priced at the USPS rate.


Mug_2 Mug

Serving Platters

     Service Platter image     

Baking/Serving Dish

Casserole_Serving Dish_3       Casserole_Serving Dish      Baking Dish       image       image

$85 This oven dish is 10" x 6", 2.5" deep. Great for casseroles or serving fish, meat or vegetables. Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.      handled-oven-and-serving-dish


Soup Tureen-$85

Vegetable Steamer- 

vegetable-steamer  vegetable-steamer-1_inside





6 Inch Serving Plates –

Small Plate with Slip    img_0309                                                                           Small Plate with Combed Slip



                                 bowls-3    .img_0371                


8 Ounce Cups – $20 These cups are specifically made for serving 8 ounces of hot liquid with just enough room to add foam with the appropriate beverage, to the lip.  Each cup is tested and may be used at home, or in a business that is portion controlled.  This cup will give the customer, or your visitor, a vessel that may be held by the handle, or cradled in both hands, to enrich the drinking experience.  For coffee houses, this cup is a consistent size and will eliminate the question of “why isn’t this full?” when using a single size cup for multiple sized portions.


12 Ounce Cups – $25  These cups are specifically made for serving a consistent 12 ounces of hot beverages, and leaves room for the foam up to the lip.  Each cup is tested for content size and is appropriate to use in the home, or in a business demanding portion control.  This cup will give your visitor, or your customer, the experience of drinking from a finely hand-crafted vessel with individuality, and the people will find the one that best suits their personality and hand(s).  Give your friends and customers the experience they deserve by serving them from these cups.


Tumbler- $20/$80 Sets.  At 13.5 ounces, these glasses are excellent for hot or cold beverages. They make a fantastic addition to your cupboard and you’ll find yourself reaching for them over glass.  They do not sweat leaving rings on your tables and are easy to load into your dishwasher.  When used with ice cubes, the evaporation effect will keep your beer cooler, longer.  Larger sizes available at request.

image  img_0332     img_0330   

Pitchers- $60-$80.  Whether serving water, iced tea or beer, these pitchers will complement the experience by keeping the content cooler, longer.

    img_0285    .          


Other Complementary Ware:

Ramekins:  $65 for a set of 4.  These are designed to work with souffles, puddings, ice cream or any dessert item.  Order in 4s.

Ramekin Set of 4 $65     SOLD    


Butter and/or Cheese Dish- $65   These look great on the counter, on the table or at a gathering of friends enjoying appetizers.  Each of the dishes are a minimum of 7 inches across and 3 inches high; large enough for one or more blocks of cheese or a half stick of butter.

img_0434     img_0293      img_0286       img_0296     img_0230


Tajine Cooking Vessel-$75            A Tajine is a North African cooking vessel and has been in use since, at least, the 9th Century.  Many recipes are on-line, but here are our results using 4 whole chicken breasts and vegetables.

Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe, this cooking dish will give you years of delicious options in the kitchen.    tanjeen

Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe, this cooking dish will give you years of delicious options in the kitchen.  Recipes are provided!

Sugar Bowls-$20

Creamers/Syrup Service-$10


Lidded Jars– These jars may be used for storing any item throughout the home.

Footed Planters-Planters do not have drain holes unless special ordered.


Large Planters-Planters do not have drain holes unless special ordered.  These will do well outside or inside your home and are approximately 12 inches wide and 16 inches tall.  Variation of sizes are dependents upon shape.

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