These sculptures were created for a show and were inspired by the MARS 1 Project (, which is a private endeavor to colonize Mars with 20 individuals to be the first to inhabit the planet.  The candidates each applied for the one-way trip to live out the remainder of their lives on the red planet.  I created the sculptures with the permission of the Mars 1 Project organization.  Each sculpture was created from the biographies provided by the applicants and reflects their lives, mission, beliefs and/or profession.  The title of each is the name of the applicant, who were contacted to provide a written comment on how the sculpture is representative of them, the house they may build on Mars as a reflection of themselves, or as a reliquary for their cremains once their lives are over on Mars, to be placed as a monument to their lives in a sculpture garden of the original inhabitants of Mars.

image   image   image      image     image     image   Mclain     img_2415

Images from the Gallery at Peru State College.

wes-win_20151022_114852    wes-win_20151022_114952    wes-win_20151022_114941   wes-win_20151022_114923   wes-win_20151022_114915    wes-win_20151022_120057  wes-win_20151022_120051    wes-win_20151022_120043    wes-win_20151022_120035   wes-win_20151022_115940   wes-win_20151022_115913   wes-win_20151022_115850wes-win_20151022_115827   wes-win_20151022_115751    wes-win_20151022_115730    wes-win_20151022_115705   wes-win_20151022_115650


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  1. Dad called me to have a look. These are very cool. He tells me the pictures don’t do them justice.

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