Crescent Moon Pottery is a working pottery offering an exciting, fun and creative outlet for anyone wishing to work with clay.  Crescent Moon Pottery has studio space for those who are interested in creating their own work, lessons, introductory sessions or exploratory activities.  If you want to make art, or just get introduced to clay, this is your place!  If you are interested, please call 402-618-4398 to speak directly with me and arrange a time.  I’d love to help you explore clay!

Option 1:

The Studio Space is contracted by the month.  The cost is $75 and allows you access to wheels, tables, clay, tools and includes firing and glaze.  Clay is $7 per pound, and is weighed when you are taking it from the studio.  If you do not make vessels to keep, there is no clay charge.  This membership includes shelf space in the gallery to potentially sell your work.

Option 2:

The Studio Space and Lesson option-Whether you are experienced, returning to clay, or new to clay, you may want to consider this option to get the most out of your experience.  You will be instructed by a working ceramicist in whatever you want to accomplish.  We will help you in determining what you want to learn and create the experience to fit your individual need(s).  This option is $75/month, plus $20 per hour for instruction.  Instruction may be spread out over 4, 15 minute periods. Clay is $7 per pound, weighed when you take the clay from the studio (dry, bisqued, or glazed).

Option 3:

The Lesson option lets you decide!  You get to come in and get one-on-one or group instruction in hand-building and/or wheel throwing. Individual lessons are $35 per hour.  If you have three friends join you, the cost is $25 per hour/per student. The lessons are a maximum of 2 hours each time you attend, with an additional hour to work on your own. The lessons are built on your interests, skill level and experience.  In order to keep any made pots, you will need to sign up for a minimum of three sessions, each session must be scheduled a week a part in order to make, trim/fire, glaze/fire.  Clay is $7 per pound, weighed when you take the clay from the studio (dry, bisqued, or glazed) or no clay charge if no ware is kept.

Option 4:

The Exploratory Introduction will give you an introduction to handbuilding OR wheelthrowing.  If you want to see if working with clay is what you might like to do, come in for an hour and you will make a pinch pot and coil pot OR  throw on the wheel.  This is a one hour session for $20. There is no clay fee.

3 thoughts on “Lessons and Workshops”

  1. Hi Wes-

    thank you for dropping by and picking up the kiln. I would love to know if you can get that baby fired up. Also, what are your charges for bisque firing, using glaze and firing. I have a few things I have thrown that are just sitting and collecting dust that I would like to fire. I am interested in doing some lessons as well but probably not until the fall.



    1. Mary,
      I will get back to you after I get back from my shows in Colorado. Sorry for the delay.


    2. Mary,
      I haven’t hooked up the kiln yet, and will wait to do so probably until Spring. I am able to do bisque firings for you (or anyone) and charge $30 for a small kiln, $60 for a large kiln. The small kiln is approximately three times the size of the kiln I received from you; the large kiln is 8 times the size.

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