Crescent Moon Pottery was developed from the realization I was working on my art during the evenings and nights while working at my professional career during the day.  My logo is the representation of a crescent moon with my signature intertwined with the image.

photo (1)   logo-final

Located in the Ponca Hills outside of Omaha, Nebraska, Crescent Moon Pottery Studio is open by appointment, along with several public sales each year.  I will change and add images as ware is created and sold.  Visitors are always welcome to stop by and talk with me, see the studio and observe what I am working on at any point in time.  Give me a call at 402-618-4398 and let me know to put on the coffee.

I have spent years developing a vitreous (holds water without weeping) clay body and glazes that fit the clay body, for a Cone 3 oxidation atmosphere.  Most potters work at Cone 6 or Cone 10, as that has been the standard for many years.  Being the standard, potters rely on other people’s investigations, glazes, clay bodies and information and are not dependent upon really understanding the interaction between clay and glaze, glaze composition and the effects of oxides in their firing atmosphere.  Further, many potters rely on producing the same decoration repeatedly, where my intent is to never reproduce in exactly the same way. My hope is that with every piece the user appreciates the shape and utilitarian purpose of the ware, and at the design, individuality and craftsmanship.


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